Predict what your users want

Some of the biggest websites rely on our tools to predict what their users want.

Replace your trigger targeting rules with intelligent machines

Manual targeting rules segment users hazily. With machine and deep learning, however, you can make nuanced judgments of user's behaviour.

Benefit from ALL the data you are collecting

There are no off-the-shelf machine learning tools that can handle the amount of data you collect as a major website. With our tools you can make sense of massive raw webtracking data.

Get a cutting edge solution 10X faster

We have built reliable and cutting edge components. Your predictive targeting solution will be up and running, A/B tested and optimized in weeks. Beating even the best in-house data science teams by 10X.

Trusted by Market Leaders

ImmobilienScout24, the leading German real estate platform asked us to improve their targeting. We implemented a solution that predicts what each user wants, by using the patterns hidden in their web-tracking data. As a result, IS24 could better select the right users for each campaign and increased their revenue from email campaigns by an average of 250%.

Predict who will


Knowing which user is likely to click allows you to pick the right ad, the right content or the right e-mail for each and every user. Click Rates frequently increase by 50-100%.


With algorithms trained on your data, you can see into the future and find the customers that care about the product right now. More relevant offerings lead to higher conversions by 300%


It’s far cheaper to retain a customer than to win a new one. We can tell you who is most at risk of leaving, so that you can help them stay. Decrease churn by up to 50%

Everything you can measure, we can predict